We feel we have the best location for a farm, retirement place, or vacation property in Nov Scotia, Canada! We are out in the country with privacy, space, ocean views, and very close to the university town of Antigonish where everything happens is 15 min. away.

Feel free to contact Carol Naveta Rivoire about the sale of this 240 acreage property in beautiful Nova Scotia by phoning – 902-318-2304

Location, Location, Location!

It really is all about location! We’ve truly loved the unique combination of peace, privacy, but with great neighbors. Nova Scotia is full of beautiful views and land, but mostly those places are way off the beaten track. There really are many endless opportunities that you do with this Luxury Farm Real Estate!

Along the farm road to Hill House, cottages or quality houses could be built having the same spectacular ocean view as Hill House. I have been asked why I don’t develop the property before selling. The answer is if my husband were still here, we’d no doubt do that.

You will never find another location that matches the beauty of Nova Scotia, Canada!


Pomquet – Close To Beaches, Activities, Shopping Centres

The village of Pomquet is a small, but bustling Acadian village of about 700 people. The people are mostly Acadian heritage – meaning their ancestors immigrated to Nova Scotia from France over 400 years ago.

They have built a wonderful modern school from primary to Grade 12. It has all the bells and whistles. There are always concerts and celebrations going on in the village and all are welcome. This village of 700 people even hosts a Winter Carnival.

We are close to a lot of amenities and attractions locally in Antigonish County:

  • 5 min. from the village church and activities

  • 10 min. from Pomquet Beach Park

  • 15 min. to Antigonish Golf & Country Club

  • 15 min. to all the shopping, the university, live theatre, restaurants, galleries, etc.


Pomquet Beach Park

Pomquet Bach Park is 10 min. down the village road and it’s a wonderful 4 mile beach = famous for it’s Piping Plovers.

There’s parking, interpretive boardwalks, changing rooms, toilets, and lifeguards. There are never a lot of people on the beach, and often you have it to yourselves.

The water temperature in mid summer to mid fall is almost tepid. – Our 3 yr. Old granddaughter froliced in the ocean mid October.



Besides our own beach, there are 9 other beaches all within a half hour from the farm. To name a few . . . Boy Scout Beach, Bayfield Beach, Crystal Cliffs, Beach, Mahoney’s Beach, Dunn’s Beach, etc.


Fishing Villages

Ballantyne’s Cove, Livingston Cove, Cribbon’s Point (fishing ports) are half an hour from the farm. Bayfield fishing wharf is 10 min. away.

You can go to any of the ports and buy live lobsters right off the boats — But, get there early.



We’re half an hour from Cape Breton Island, and an hour from the Prince Edward Island ferry. Two spectacular destinations that attract visitors world-wide.



We are 2 hours from Halifax International Airport, and 2 ½ hours from the city. Port Hawksbury Airport (½ hr. from the farm accommodates private planes.



St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish is 15 min. from the farm and is an excellent facility!



Public schools in Canada are excellent! Our village of Pomquet has a large, modern French speaking school K- 12. School buses to Antigonish where the schools are first rate.


The University (St Francis Xavier University)

As everyone knows, it’s extremely desirable to live in a university town. This one is gorgeous and famous. Prime Ministers have graduated from STFX.

Big things happen here; such as famous personalities speaking. The campus is classic and beautiful, and the facilities are often available to all. Such as the indoor running track, the pool, convention center.


Grocery Shopping

There are two large supermarkets in Antigonish, 15 min. from farm. The Farmer’s Market every Saturday is enormously popular. The place to be Saturday mornings to meet and greet and buy produce and crafts.



Antigonish has Galleries and lots of stores of all types.



Gaelic, classical, pop, jazz. As we found out, there are not enough days in the week to take in all the culture locally available.


Live Theatre

The Bauer Theatre is on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University 15 min. from farm. – They do wonderful, professional productions all year long. Highly recommended!



Good restaurants in Antigonish town, including the Award Winning Gabrieau’s Bistrot. There are great funky cafes and pubs, usually with music.


Atmosphere in the Town

Antigonish is a university town, so it’s busy and lively with students, professors, as well as town and county people. – Very friendly and open place.